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Asmat international is a company established in 1978.

which deals with various imported items like constructions materials, toiletries ,special type of spray paint, weather coat,water base paint, floor paint,roof paint,all type of adhesive, ventilation fan for industry and residence,house hold items ,and also with government constructions work ,we are now expanding to confectionary items ,poultry & poultry feed items ,computer sectors like software developing web page design ,Hosting ,printing network & ITsolutions Background of the company

The history of Asmat Group back to 1978 when a proprietorship concerne named Asmat International was established in a small office with a view to enter in to the trading business. which deals with various imported items like construction materials, toiletries, Special types of spray paints, Adhesive and modern construction techniques, Exhaust fan, house hold items, government construction work, poultry and poultry items and other related fields .

In the year 1978 the management decided to create independent companies to explore the spectrum of related services and product need of the country. The strategy behind this diversification and expansion was to explore the diversified market share, From simple low technology to better to meet the sophisticated technology, the company has made significant advances in the requirements of ever increasing customer needs, From a small sales operation, Asmat group has been growing into a network of sales, services, distribution and marketing Ever since Asmat group, subsidiaries and associates were established, our aim has been to provide our customer with a specialized and its competitive range of products and services.

The ultimate goal of Asmat Group is to build a network of sales and services oriented business units that make a fair profit by providing total solution in the area of construction and special product is to identify customer needs and helo them achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently through turnkey solutions.
We combine and develop a wide range of high quality products and services in our business activity i.e., marketing, sales and distribution activities to anticipate and satisfy all customer needs, All our clients know us for our commitment to innovative approaches based on a clear understanding of customer needs, and a devotion to customer support and satisfaction which enables us to stand out among our competitors.
To actively expand our role in Construction Industry by providing latest technology and premium quality product to all government and small, medium and large business houses, non government organizations multinational companies etc.

Customer Satisfaction forms the cornerstone of our marketing philosophy. Product and services are backed by comprehensive guarantee/ warranties and supported by efficient staff. To further ensure an efficient and consistent level of support, this team is equipped with the latest products in line with company’s objective of providing the premium in service support and promoting customer satisfaction.

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Asmat international is a company established in 1978, which deals with various imported items like constructions materials, toiletries ,special type of spray paint, weather coat, water base paint floor paint roof paint,all type of adhesive,